Truth Bombs Review (Bananagrams)

Truth Bombs
What It Is

Dan and Phil's Truth Bombs from Bananagrams is a new party game created by the YouTube comedy duo Dan Howell and Phil Lester. 

Game Set Up:

In this game, grab as many card mats as required for the number of people playing. Then place an answer card on each card mat. The game can be played with as few as four players and as many as eight. Each player is then dealt an answer sheet and a pencil. The Target box at the top of the answer sheer is where you'll write your name. Now it's time to drop some Truth Bombs, as the directions say. 


Pass your sheet to the left and look at the Target name on the sheet you are now holding. Choose one question from the cards on the table and write an answer about that person in the selection that corresponds to the question color. Once all players have answered a question, the sheets are then passed again to their left. But instead of passing the sheets all the way back to its original owner,  stop one player before and place them face down on the table. 

One by one players then take turns reading off the name of the Target on their sheet and the corresponding questions and answers he/she received. Once all the questions and answers have been read, the Target for that sheet picks his/her favorite answer and then tries to guess who wrote it. Its writer reveals him/herself and earns one point. If the Target correctly guessed this person, the Target also scores a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. 

Is It Fun?

This game has a lot of great things going for it: easy gameplay, enough supplies for tons of repeat play, and, of course, entertaining questions that when played with the right group can illicit fun and wacky responses. The key to this game though is playing with the right group of people-a group that you know will jot down some crazy answers and maybe get a bit creative with it. We do however think this game works best when played with close friends who know each other well. 

Who It’s For

Dan and Phil's Truth Bombs is for ages 14 and up. The content is completely appropriate for teens and even younger. However, depending on the group you play with things can always take a turn toward the inappropriate so know your audience. 

What To Be Aware Of
This game can be played with 4-8 players. 

As you play you'll notice that there is always one less question answered than the number of people playing. This is normal.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy