Mighty Muggs Princess Leia Organa Review (Hasbro)

Mighty Muggs Princess Leia Organa
What It Is

The Princess Leia Organa Mighty Muggs are new figures from Hasbro in the collectible market. Each figure comes with a base that you can unlock from the figure so that figure can stand on its own or be displayed on the base. What differentiates these figures is that they have three different faces that you can switch with a push on the head. The Princess Leia figure features a smile, an angry look, and another face that looks like she sees something gone awry.

Is It Fun?

These figures add a new twist on the collectible category. They fell like a mashup of the Funko Figures combined with a bobblehead, but the rotating faces add a new fun element not seen before in this category.

Who It’s For

The Mighty Muggs are age graded for ages 6+, but this toy is really for the collector and Star Wars fan.

What To Be Aware Of
You need a coin or wide screwdriver to remove the figure from the base.
  • Quality

  • Collectibility

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy