PJ Masks Rev-N-Rumblers Review (Just Play)

PJ Masks Rev-N-Rumblers
What It Is

Go into the night to save the day with your favorite PJ Masks characters with the PJ Masks Rev-N-Rumblers. These vehicles are designed to look just like the cars driven by Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette on the show, and they are very easy for preschoolers to send into motion.

There's the blue Cat-Car with lightning bolt details, the red Owl Glider with wings, and the green Gekko-Mobile with its long tail. Each one is sold separately.

To set them racing, shake them, place them down, and watch them speed away. You'll also hear car sound effects as well as PJ Masks character phrases.

Is It Fun?

These will be a fun way for PJ Masks fans to pretend to send their favorite PJ Masks character off to the rescue. Kids will like how easy it is to rev up their cars and send them racing, and that the cars play phrases and sound effects, which really enhances the imaginative play and makes it seem like Catboy, Gekko, or Owlette is right there with them.

Who It’s For

PJ Masks Rev-N-Rumblers are for ages 3 and up. Preschoolers will like collecting the cars of their favorite superheroes or collecting all three for lots of revving and racing.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Rev-N-Rumbler comes with two AA batteries for the in-store try-me features, so we recommend replacing them before you play for best results. Also make sure to turn the car from Try Me to On to activate the full features.

The instructions for how to use were a little confusing because the back of the box says to rev up the car, which we thought meant to rev up the car on a flat surface. But it really means to shake the car and then place it on a flat surface to watch it speed away.

Each Rev-N-Rumbler is sold separately.

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    2 AA batteries required