Ren and Stimpy Collector Figure Set Review (Just Play)

Ren and Stimpy Collector Figure Set
What It Is

The Ren & Stimpy Collector Figure Set, from Just Play, features Nickelodeon superstars Mr. Horse, Log, Powdered-Toast Man, and of course, our heroes, Ren and Stimpy. The set is recommended for ages 3+. I love Ren & Stimpy, and I'm delighted to see that these figures are loaded with hilarious, disgusting details. Log is suited up as a drum major, and Mr. Horse just wears his awesome suit. Ren wears a Shriner's hat and Stimpy's finger is, where else - in his nose! But my favorite in this set is Powdered-Toast Man. He is shining with sugar and is ready to save the day! This collector's set is sure to be a hit with any Ren & Stimpy fan, because despite Mr. Horse's review of this product, I like this set, yes sir, I do like it.

Is It Fun?
Yes, the figures will bring big smiles to any Ren & Stimpy fan.  
Who It’s For
Mostly, Ren & Stimpy fans, but for anyone else, ages 3+, that enjoys the odd, funny and sometimes disgusting. 
What To Be Aware Of
Although the set is suitable for ages 3+, the cartoon itself is not.  
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