Bizzy Bubs Cute Crib with Gracie Review (Moose Toys)

Bizzy Bubs Cute Crib with Gracie
What It Is

Get ready for a cute invasion! The Bizzy Bubs from Moose Toys are here! They're part of the company's Little Live line. You may know that from pets, well now they've expanded into human babies! The Bizzy Bubs Cute Crib with Gracie features a standing Bizzy Bubs doll (others in the collection crawl) in her crib. Push the button on her diaper, and she'll jump up and down, letting her little parents know she wants to play. Take her out and put her on the floor, and she'll continue to interact as kids play with her. 

Is It Fun?

Part of the magic of these toys is their simplicity. They don't do that much, though the electronics allow for a lot of engaging random responses. They're cute, collectible, and you just look at them and laugh. It's a great level of play that allows the dolls to come to life without requiring much more from kids than pushing a button and having fun, and that's very on trend with interactive toys that are great collectibles, too. We think their fans will fall in love with them...and they will want to collect them all. 

Who It’s For
Bizzy Bubs are designed for kids ages 5 years and up. They'll appeal to kids who like collecting, social play and, of course, appreciate the built-in silliness of these toys. We think that tweens especially will find these hilarious. 
What To Be Aware Of

Other Bizzy Bubs dolls in the series:  Primmy, Snowbeam and Poppy are sold separately. 

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy