Plush Blankiez Review (Ruff & Whiskers)

Plush Blankiez
What It Is

If you're a first time puppy parent, you need to know that having toys around for your bundle of furry joy is important for the sake of your shoes, furniture and anything else your new fur-baby could get curious about.  The Blankiez  are soft cuddly plush toys for puppies.  Each has reinforced stitching which will help defend against razor sharp puppy teeth.  These toys are great for teaching your little bundle of energy to fetch or for some mild chomping or tugging.  The Blankiez have animal shaped heads and the body portion is a small blanket made from a lush velour material.  Although the Blankiez can be used for a variety of puppy play, they are also nice for your puppy to just cuddle with as he gets acquainted to his new home. The Blankiez come in several styles including the frog and lamb which we have here and the monkey .

Is It Fun?
During waking hours, puppies love to play and these soft dog toys will certainly come in handy.  They are great for small fetch games, a little chewing and some mild tugging so yes they are fun for your pup.  They are also very comforting for new puppies who are getting used to their new environment.
Who It’s For
The Blankiez are designed for puppies but could be used by toy and teacup breeds.  They are definitely not suggested for aggressive chewers though.
What To Be Aware Of
The Blankiez are not for aggressive chewers.  These toys should not be left with your dog without supervision from a pet parent.  The heads are stuffed.  These come in 3 styles, the frog, the monkey and the lamb.
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