Motor Mouth Review (Hasbro)

Motor Mouth
What It Is

Motor Mouth, from Hasbro Gaming, is a party game for 2-to-8 players, ages 10+. The game comes with 85 category cards, 40 letter cards and instructions. Motor Mouth is similar to Hasbro's Scattergories, but is completely card-based, and everyone plays at once. Deal each player 4 category and 4 letter cards. Letter cards will have one letter to start your words, or in some cases digraphs like "ch," or "th." Category cards include subjects like Farm Animals, Movies or Space Stuff. Flip over the first category card and then any player can start. If the category card is "Fruits" and I have a letter card with an A, I can play the A card and shout out "Apple." From there, another player can play a different letter and shout out another fruit - or, a player can stick with the letter A and play another category card. If my explanation sounds at-all complicated, don't worry, this game will make perfect sense as soon as you start playing. And you'll keep playing until the first player is out of cards. Make sure you agree on house rules before you start. In my game, I've decided that we can only use English words and we are permitted fictional characters and places, as well as slang words. It's best to decide all house rules before you play, because once the game starts, there is not time to debate - this game moves fast! The small box travels well, or you can remove the cards for an even more compact game. Motor Mouth is easy to learn, and fun to play. So the next time someone tells you to shut up, tell them "sorry, I'm playing Motor Mouth!"

Is It Fun?
Yes, players will enjoy the fast pace and competition.  
Who It’s For
Party gamers and loud mouths, ages 10+
What To Be Aware Of
This game is available through the subscription-based Hasbro Gaming Crate.
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