ORBMolecules Review (Orb)

What It Is

Molecules can do some pretty crazy cool things, especially when a few of them come together. Orb has taken this idea and turned it into a physical product that also offers a bit of tactile play in the process. . ORBMolecules is a moldable creation compound that kids can use to mold, squeeze, create, and decorate. Available in a variety of themes, offering different colors and sizes, ORBMolecules is a compound that won't dry out, easily sticks together, and has a crunchy feel to them reminiscent of a rice krispie treat. Right out of the box, kids can squeeze, create, and decorate using one atom at a time or multiple molecules at once. Each kit comes with more than 10,000 ORBMolecules.

The introductory line and colors currently include: 

Merkitty: aqua, pink, yellow, black and white

Dragasaur: green, purple, aqua, black and white

Caticorn: purple, aqua, orange black and white

Pupperfly: pink, yellow, green, black and white

Is It Fun?

In addition to the tactile, crunchy feel of ORBMolecules, they are super open-ended. While the packaging offers a bit of inspiration, kids can really get creative in what they design and how they use these compounds. Plus unlike combining a dough compound for example, ORBMolecules can easily come apart so you can mix colors and still store them all separately at the end of the day.

Who It’s For

ORBMolecules are for ages 5 and up. They will appeal to kids and parents looking for a new tactile/fidgety compound that also offers artistic value and reuse-ability.

What To Be Aware Of
 There are various kits of ORBMolecules available featuring different color schemes. Each is sold separately.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

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