My Little Sports Medicine Kit Review (Little Medical School)

My Little Sports Medicine Kit
What It Is

Kids can play doctor like never before with the My Little Sports Medicine Kit. This kit comes with a lot of fun tools that allow kids to dress up like doctors while also introducing them to what specialists in sports medicine do and how the body works. Kids who play or watch sports might be familiar with orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, sports medicine physicians, and chiropractors, but now they get to pretend to be those specialists through the activities and tools in this kit. There's even a white doctor's coat and ID badge, so kids can really look the part.

Through seven activities in the workbook, kids learn about bones, make models of different joints out of clay, and even perform a simulated Tommy John surgery. Once the activities are completed, fill out the Little Medical School graduate certificate that comes in the kit.

Is It Fun?

This is a really neat kit that is perfect for kids who play or watch sports, and kids who want to be doctors when they grow up. It's a great combination of pretend doctor play with realistic doctor tools that exposes kids to different types of doctors and what they do. And even after kids complete all of the activities in the workbook, they'll still have fun using the tools in this kit to take care of pretend patients. 

Who It’s For

My Little Sports Medicine Kit is for ages 7 and up. It will be a fun play kit for imaginative kids who like sports and pretending to play doctor.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit includes a white coat, an ace bandage, an ice pack, a white paper ID badge, a skeleton poster, skeleton stickers, a hand magnet, a hand poster, a cup, clay, three craft sticks, a suture, two rubber bands, Tommy John surgical sheet, a face mask, gloves, and surgical drivers.

There are a variety of other Little Medical School play kits, too, sold separately.

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