My Little Veterinarian Kit Review (Little Medical School)

My Little Veterinarian Kit
What It Is

Little animal lovers can take on the role of veterinarian with the My Little Veterinarian Kit. This gives kids the opportunity to dress up as a doctor and play out what a real veterinarian does through kid-sized tools and fun activities. You get a white doctor's coat and ID badge to look the part, plus a stuffed puppy for animal play right out of the box. Follow the Nose to Tail Exam checklist to give your puppy a check-up. You can even practice removing a tick using the included tweezers and tick stickers. And with help from mom and dad, make dog bone-shaped treats for a real dog using the included recipe and cookie cutter, and ingredients from home. Once kids complete the activities in the kit, they can fill out the Little Veterinarian School graduate certificate.

Is It Fun?

This is going to inspire a lot of imaginative play among young kids who like animals and who dream of being a vet when they grow up. The kit gives them realistic veterinarian tools, which enhances the pretend play and allows kids to experience what being a vet is really like. 

Who It’s For

The My Little Veterinarian Kit is for ages 5 and up, and will be fun for imaginative kids who like animals and playing doctor.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit includes a white coat, a student doctor ID badge, an adoption certificate, a plush dog with bandana, markers, a tape measure, a pet assessment form, modeling dough, a dog bone cookie cutter, a recipe card, tweezers, tick removal stickers, a plastic bag, a diploma, and gloves.

Additional Little Medical School kits are sold separately.

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