Galaxy Zega Battle Toy Starter Kit Review (Zega)

Galaxy Zega Battle Toy Starter Kit
What It Is

Have you ever played that old Atari Game Combat? Well, Smartx Network Technology Company took that game off the screen and dropped it into your home in a super-fast, fun and customizable game.

Combining a free mobile app and bluetooth linkable mini tanks, Galaxy Zega lets up to four players battle in a variety of ways. The starter kit comes with two tanks. Leo (red) and Gondar (Blue) were included in the starter kit, as well as multiple sets of stickers you can use to customize the look of your tank.

Offering a videogame aspect to the tanks, each have upgradable skills that are unlocked as you play - through coins you can purchase, gain through wins and secure just by playing daily. You can choose from 30 skills to enhance your tank's speed, armor, weapon and more.

A great aspect of this game is that the tanks are extremely maneuverable, and a lot of fun to drive. Also, the turn radius on these things is amazing, and I really love the overall design. They even come with chargers that act as cases for your tanks.

This aspect offers increased complexity to keep you from getting bored the more you play.

You also can create a variety of battle courses, all on a easily changeable battlefield, where the pieces are connected by magnets. The starter kit even comes with instructions that offer a few ways to set up your battlefield, but you'll find that customizing is very easy.

The starter kit comes with 12 tiles, 16 wall pieces and a bunch of connectors that you can use for stability.

Is It Fun?

With all different pieces, the customizable nature and the fact that these tanks can drive on and over pretty much anything, this game is a lot of fun. Since this is a two-player game, a second reviewer decided to play one more set of capture the flag, which took nearly 30 minutes, instead of leaving on time. A true gauge of a good toy is one you want to keep playing with.

Who It’s For
This is pretty much for anyone who has a smartphone, likes competitive play and likes having fun. Unlike most electronic toys and games, the integration of the app gives a real open-ended play that will keep kids and adults interested for a long time.
What To Be Aware Of

While a lot of pieces come in the starter kit, noticably absent are X-bases. These light-up pieces, which run $29.99 each, allow you to enhance the battlefield with weapon, speed and armor boosts that are activated when you drive over them. And when you purchase two or more, you can unlock different game functions like capture the flag.

This adds another element of fun and expands the playability of the game, but the starter kit would have been better if it came with two of them so that you could play capture the flag out of the box. To be fair, X-bases are $29.99 each and adding them would have increased the starter kit price from a reasonable $149.99 - reasonable because of all you get in the box - to closer to $200.

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