Charms Review (Studio 9 Games)

What It Is

Charms, from Studio 9 Games, is a party game for 3-to-8 players, ages 12+. Charms comes with 50 Charm Cards, 8 Reference Cards, 8 Pencils, a Game board, a Rules Sheet, a Pad of Game Paper, a Sand Timer, a Charms Bag, and 25 Charms including Dice, Wooden Shapes and Gems. Players take turns picking a Charm Card. Then choose one of the four quests on the card. These include things like "What increases my creativity," "How can I increase my courage," and "What is my gift to others?" Each Charm card has one quest where the reader fills in the blank. After choosing a quest and reading it aloud, pick and roll 9 random charms from the charm bag. If charms roll off the board, or are stuck between two realms, this charm will not be included. Turn over the sand timer, and now things get interesting. Each other player must now interpret the Quester's charm-roll, and write down an answer on the paper. Use the reference key for help with your answer. At the end of the two minutes, the answers are read and the Quester picks a favorite. This can be the most helpful, or just the most entertaining. It's up to the quester. The winner keeps that sheet of paper. The player with the most sheets after everyone has quested, wins. Charms is a game of insight, and certainly not your average party game. This isn't your classic laugh-out-loud type of game, but rather one where players open up and earnestly try to help each other in their spiritual and emotional quests. It's one of the more unique games I have played, and I'm always happy to see some well-thought-out themes and gameplay - as well as something very different in the party game world. If you're looking for a party game to party with, this may not be for you. But if you are looking for a game that may actually change your perspective and put you on the road of awakening, you'll be "lucky" to play Charms.

Is It Fun?
It is fun, but not in your classic party-game sort of way.  The game is unique and enjoyable.  
Who It’s For
Gamers and spiritual questers, ages 12+
What To Be Aware Of
Gamers should approach the game with an open mind, and some people might find it a bit too "new-agey."
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