Grabease Review (Elli & Nooli)

What It Is

Help your baby and toddler learn to self-feed with Grabease. These are ergonomic utensils designed to fit a baby or toddler's natural hand grasp and motion. These forks and spoons are about three inches long, making them much shorter than other first utensils for babies on the market. The shorter design of the handle is in proportion to the size of little hands and is suitable for little ones to hold with a vertical grasp. It's also designed to help strengthen finger muscles. There is also what the company calls a "choke protection barrier" between the handle and the fork tines or spoon itself so that kids don't put things too far back in their mouths.

Grabease are available in six color options: teal, orange, gray, white, pink, or green. And each set of spoon and fork comes in an individual box with a travel EVA pouch and stickers.

Why Is It Useful?

If you're looking for first utensils for your little ones, Grabease are a good option. We think the smaller size really lends itself well to the smaller hands that will be using these forks and spoons.  

Who It’s For

Grabease are "first" utensils for babies and toddlers. You can start using the Grabease spoon as soon as you start introducing baby purees to your baby and just let your baby experiment with holding the spoon and understanding how it all works.

What To Be Aware Of

Grabease are available in a spoon and fork set for $13.50 or you can purchase a set of three for $36.95 or a set of five for $59.95.

These are BPA-free, phthlate-free, and made of non-toxic plastic. You can wash them in the dishwasher.

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