Lucy The Giraffe Dog Toy Review (BeOneBreed)

Lucy The Giraffe Dog Toy
What It Is

Lucy the Giraffe is a new dog toy from French Canadian manufacturer BeOneBreed.  Lucy the Giraffe is a plush toy with a clever design that makes her durable.  She is 14 inches tall and has a cotton rope coiled neck. That same cotton rope runs through the length of her body making it tougher for Fido to tear apart.  Her body is made from softer material and offers different textures for your pooch to enjoy chomping or nuzzling.  Also, her feet  and ears have crinkly material in them to further entice your pal.  Don't be confused by the packaging because the descriptions are in English and French and some of the translations are a little bit Ruff. lol  For instance Lucy will not be "resistant" to play.  I'm pretty sure they mean durable.  But packaging aside,  this is a great all around toy for fetching, light chewing or nuzzling.

Is It Fun?
Because it's versatile, Lucy the Giraffe will provide different opportunities for fun interaction with your dog whether it be a fetch game or for moderate tugging or light chewing.
Who It’s For
Lucy is a versatile toy and could be part of any dog's toy box.  We do not recommend leaving Lucy for long with aggressive chewers.  At 14 inches tall she may be a bit large for toy breeds.  Lucy's price point would make her very attractive to pet parents on a budget.
What To Be Aware Of
Lucy the Giraffe is made by Canadian manufacturer BeOneBreed.  Some of the packaging is in French and some of the translations are a little bit off.  Like all dog toys, Lucy should only be played with under pet parent supervision. 
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