Ring Rope Dog Toy Review (BeOneBreed)

Ring Rope Dog Toy
What It Is

The Ring Rope is a new dog toy from French Canadian manufacturer BeOneBreed.  The Ring Rope, which is actually a Rope Ring is made from durable cotton rope.  It's 9 inches in diameter and thick enough for even the biggest doggy mouth, in fact we think it's best used by larger dogs.  Don't be confused by the packaging because the descriptions are in English and French and some of the translations are a little bit Ruff. lol  For instance the Ring Rope is not "resistant" to play.  I'm pretty sure they mean durable.  But packaging aside,  this is a great all around toy for fetching, tugging and even moderately aggressive chewing.

Is It Fun?
The Ring Rope can be used for fetching, tugging and chomping.  Any interactive play with your dog is fun for him and should be for you too.
Who It’s For
The Ring Rope is a bit heavy and thick therefore we believe that it's best suited for larger dogs who may enjoy chewing, fetching or tugging.  The Ring Rope is moderately priced for budget conscious pet parents. 
What To Be Aware Of
BeOneBreed is a French Canadian manufacturer and the translation on the packaging from French to English is a little bit wonky.  The Ring Rope is a little too heavy for small or toy  breeds. 
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