Fugu Fish Cat Toy Review (BeOneBreed)

Fugu Fish Cat Toy
What It Is

Introducing BeOneBreed's Fugu Fish. A cute bulbous pufferfish ball.

As unassuming as this little fish is, it received a lot of attention from my cats. Measuring in at 2 inches around and 3 inches high, its very similar to bat-around balls you already have in your apartment. And with an infusion of cat-nip and a tiny shaker located inside, it is way more interactive than a plain old ball.

A huge plus with BeOneBreed's Fugu Fish is its soft, circular plushy body because it was ideal for quiet playtime. Clawd was able to bat the fish around to his content, without annoying everyone else in the apartment.

Is It Fun?
Clawd had a lot of fun with the Fugu Fish.  Not only was he batting it around the entire house, he also enjoyed carrying it in his mouth and licking the tiny nubs located on the fish's dorsal side.
Who It’s For
The Fugu Fish is perfect for cats who like to bat.  This toy rolls and slides with the help of fuzzy paws.
What To Be Aware Of

With a price point under $5, its a durable favorite for the cats and a frugal favorite for parents.

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  • People Fun

  • Value