5" Portable Video Baby Monitor Review (Motorola)

What It Is

If you need a video baby monitor that does the basics, then the Motorola 5-inch Portable Video Baby Monitor is for you. Its parent unit has a five-inch color screen and a 1,000-foot range between the baby monitor and the parent unit. You can use the parent unit to pan, tilt, and zoom to ensure you always keep your baby in view. You can also use the talk button on the parent unit to talk to your baby without having to enter the nursery. The parent unit screen will also tell you the temperature in baby's room, convert to infrared night vision when it's dark, and light up the LED sound level indicator for a visual sound alert. Use the menu button to add additional cameras (up to four), play five soothing sounds or lullabies directly through the monitor, set an alarm, and more. 

This also comes with a StarGrip mount, a universal mount that makes it easy to mount the camera just about anywhere.

Why Is It Useful?

This is a great baby monitor with features that any parent would be looking for from a video baby monitor. We really like that you can adjust the viewing angle of the camera to move if your baby moves or in case you set up the camera in the wrong position before turning out the light and closing the door, and you just don't want to go back into the nursery and risk waking your baby. The two-way communication is a pretty standard feature these days, but this one also has the added bonus of the soothing music all controlled from the parent unit.

Who It’s For

The 5-inch Portable Video Baby Monitor is for parents to use so they can keep an eye on their babies during naptime and bedtime.

What To Be Aware Of

It takes 16 hours to charge both the parent unit and baby unit before first use. The baby unit can operate without power for up to three hours, while the parent unit gets up to five hours operation. AC adapters for both units are included.

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