Your Perfect Leash Review (Your Perfect Puppy)

Your Perfect Leash
What It Is

Your Perfect Leash is a great all around dog leash made by the Your Perfect Puppy Company which is owned by Veterans.  After handling Your Perfect Leash it's easy to see that it is well made especially if your canine kid is a larger stronger dog.   Your Perfect Leash is 20 percent wider than normal dog leashes which are usually up 1 inch wide.  Your Perfect Leash is made from weatherproof, soft nylon that will not fray.  It also has what appears to be added stitching on the stress points that are sewn which should hold up to the most powerful pup.  But size and strength are not where the description of My Perfect Leash ends.  Let's add in a comfort factor for the dog walker thanks to an odor resistant, neoprene padded handle that cushions the pressure on your hand should your pal decide to change direction suddenly.  Additionally there is a handy caribiner clip sewn into the handle and a "D" ring 24 inches down from the handle of the leash.  The carabiner can easily be looped around a post or tree and attached to the "D" ring should you need to tether your pooch for a few moments.  You can also attach it to your belt loop if you temporarily need your hands free.  Spoiler Alert, if you attach the caribiner to your belt loop and your buddy decides to say lunge because he sees a squirrel, kiss your belt loop goodbye.  You can also use the caribiner to conveniently transport waste bags or your keys or a treat bag.  My Perfect Puppy is so convinced that you will love My Perfect Leash that it  has a 100% money back guarantee behind it.

Why Is It Useful?

The My Perfect Leash is useful as an everyday leash for larger dogs since it has reinforced stitching and a larger width than normal leashes. Your Perfect Leash has a padded handle which comforts the hands of Pet Parents who walk stronger, bigger dogs.

Who It’s For
This My Perfect Leash is definitely for larger dogs although they do offer a smaller version.  This leash is perfect for Pet Parents who walk or hike with larger dogs.
What To Be Aware Of

Your Perfect Leash comes in a variety of colors and is offered in a smaller size for smaller dogs.  You can also purchase matching harnesses from Your Perfect Puppy separately.  Portions of the proceeds from sales of Your Perfect Leash go to the following charitable organizations.

Save A Vet

Warrior Dog Foundation

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