The Jungle Game Review (Happy Heart Kid)

The Jungle Game
What It Is

Get creative and get moving when you play The Jungle Game. This preschool game is designed to promote social and emotional learning as preschoolers use creativity, movement, and problem solving while practicing teamwork and collaboration to overcome a challenge. To play, the youngest player selects a situation card and three wooden tool tokens from the tool bag. 

There are 45 situation cards with challenges ranging from "Woosh! A big gust of wind suddenly knocks a branch in your way. How can you use your tools to move it?" to "There is a thick fog through the trees. Can you use your tools to help make sure no one gets lost?"

Once you have read the situation aloud, players discuss how they will overcome the challenge using the selected tools. There are 15 tools and some of those options include a parachute, a kite, a boat, a shovel, a flashlight, a skateboard, and a rocket. Once a plan of action has been decided, players act out that plan. Then it's the next player's turn to select a card and three tools.

The game also comes with an activity book that kids can color in as they read a story about perseverance.

Is It Fun?

Because this is a game for younger kids, it's less about competitiveness and more about cooperation, making it more of an activity-type game than a traditional game. It would be a fun activity for a play group that gets kids working together, using their imaginations, and being active. We think kids will like the roleplay portion best of all. Of course, because reading is required, a parent will need to help out with that step.

Who It’s For

The Jungle Game is for ages 3 and up. It's designed to promote social and emotional learning among preschoolers.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional games and activities include Feelings and Faces, a crafting kit about exploring empathy, and Thank You Card Kit, a make-your-own thank you cards kit. Each is sold separately.

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