The Original Blendy Pens Review (Chameleon Kidz)

The Original Blendy Pens
What It Is

Put a bunch of color into playtime with the Blendy Pens Coloring Kit from Chameleon Kidz. This kit comes with 12 dual color pens, which can give you 276 color combinations. Wow that's a lot of color! The pack also comes with 10 magical coloring posters, 2 stencil sheets, an art portfolio and an instruction sheet. So the way these pens work is you put two Blendy Pens vertically into the fusion chamber, twist, and hold firm to make amazing color blends. The top color bleeds onto the bottom pen allowing the colors to blend. As you use the newly blended pen, it reverts back to its original color over time giving your artwork a truly unique gradient effect, that can't be duplicated. Plus, light colored pens can be blended with dark colors and they will still return to their original brightness. Yeah, your typical marker won't do that. The kit also comes with a bonus Blendy airbrush tool, which is super cool. Simply put your Blendy Pen into the airbrush tool, blow and your ready to go.

Is It Fun?

Fun is an understatement, when it comes to describing this kit. It could be argued, that this kit is borderline stimulation overload, especially with such vibrant colors and cool designs. This kit is certainly endless hours of fun.

Who It’s For

The kit is for ages 4 and up. Overall, this kit is endless fun for creative types. The pens are simple to use and with the magic reveal posters extra surprises are in store. This kit offers a lot of activity.

What To Be Aware Of

The instruction say you only need to twist the two colors together for 5 seconds, but it's more like 25 seconds and you really need to press firm to hold the colors together. Plus, it seems with that pressing the pens may lose their sharp tips over time. Also, the pens can bleed through the magic poster if pressed too hard, but it doesn't seem to stain surfaces. However, once it is on your hands it doesn't come off easily, multiple washings are required. Also, some colors blend better with others, while some, like the black pen, don't really blend at all. But you don't have to stick to the preferred pair colors. You can blend any two pens, giving you 276 color combinations. Now that's a burst of color!

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