Baby's 1st Straw Cup Review (Dr. Brown's)

Baby's 1st Straw Cup
What It Is

The Dr. Brown's Baby’s 1st Straw Cup is a 9-ounce plastic straw cup with lots of details that help babies. Detachable handles make it easy for babies to hold on to and can be taken off as baby gets older. The soft flexible straw allows kids to hold the cup at any angle while drinking. This is a spill-proof cup making it perfect to take on the go. The lid is attached to the cup and simply flips open when needed, and closes shut making it sanitary for baby. A straw cleaning brush is included. 

Why Is It Useful?

Additional transition drink cups from Dr. Browns's are available and sold separately. 

Who It’s For

Overall, this is a great straw cup for baby. The spout has a flat shape that helps with an easier transition between bottle and straw. For parents, details like spill proof and pop up lid are perfect for taking this cup on the go or for use around the house. 

What To Be Aware Of

The Dr. Brown's Baby's 1st Straw Cup is for ages 6 months and up. This can be used until 18months - 2years. 

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