String Art DIY Kit Spring Flower Review (Pretty Twisted)

String Art DIY Kit Spring Flower
What It Is

This is the String Art DIY Kit from Pretty Twisted Craft Kits, in the Spring Flower option. The kit is also offered in heart-themed and kiss-themed designs. To get started, you'll need to place the included pattern on top of your board and use it as a guide to press the nails into the cork. The kit includes a handy thimble-like ring to make pressing the nails in easy and pain-free. As the instructions suggest, make sure to place a few nails on different corners of your pattern to get started and best hold your design in place as you work. Once complete, simply rip off the paper pattern and you are ready to start stringing. 

Recognizing that each designer is unique, the kit comes with multiple colors of thread to work with as well as two color theme options to do. However, kids can easily combine their own colors as well to make the string design truly their own.

Is It Fun?

This is a craft kit that's totally on trend and in tune with the crafty, niche art pieces kids and adults are using to customize their places and spaces.  String art, once you get the hang of it, is a craft project that is pretty easy to do but yields really display-worthy results. 

Who It’s For

It's for ages 12 and up. This craft is best suited for kids that don't mind putting in a bit of time and having patience to bring it to completion.  This can also be a fun DIY project for your tween looking to customize her personal space.

The craft is age-graded 12 and up, which we think it mainly due to the nails (i.e. sharp objects) kids are working with, but if careful we think slightly younger kids can still use this kit.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us somewhere between one hour and an hour and thirty minutes to complete our own design.

If you ever feel like changing the design, there are a ton of supplies left to shake things up. 

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