Window Jammers Ultimate Collection Pack Review (Flambi Toys)

Window Jammers Ultimate Collection Pack
What It Is

Keeping kids entertained in the car can be tough, but that's why there are Window Jammers. Window Jammers are two-dimensional vehicles and other characters that stick to a telescoping pole via suction cup. When your child is sitting in the car, he holds the pole, presses the Jammer to the closed car window, and then it looks like the Jammer is riding along as the scenery passes by. Kids can twist the pole to turn the Jammer and make it look like the Jammer is doing different stunts. What's nice is that because the pole is adjustable, a child can safely and comfortably sit in the car seat or booster seat and still be able to reach the Jammer to the car window to play.

The Window Jammers Ultimate Collection Pack comes with 10 Window Jammers in a variety of designs, from cars and motorcycles to a dragon and a robo-kitty. You can store all of them in the included collector pouch, and you also get one telescoping pole.

Is It Fun?

Whether your car ride is long or short, Window Jammers will be fun for young kids who like playing with toy cars. They'll like watching the Jammers drive and fly along, and making the Jammers do all sorts of different stunts over the real-world cars, buildings, and other things they see out the window. This will encourage some creative play in the car.

Who It’s For

Window Jammers are for ages 3 and up. These are designed to keep kids entertained and creating their own entertainment during long and short car rides. Little kids who like toy cars will probably like playing with Window Jammers the most.

What To Be Aware Of

Window Jammers are also available in smaller sets and blind bags.

Always make sure the windows are closed when using Window Jammers.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy