Dough Universe Electro Machines Kit Review (Technology Will Save Us)

Dough Universe Electro Machines Kit
What It Is

The Tech Will Save Us Electro Machines kit is an activity kit from Tech Will Save Us that take a classic toy compound---dough--- and turn it into an electrical conductor for circuitry activities. 

Understanding how circuitry works is the first-step toward understanding more complex engineering concepts, but this kit makes learning about these things fun and interactive. The kit comes with three small containers of Electro Dough to work with in three different colors. Along with that, it comes with different components specific to the kit's theme. The Electro Machines kit is all about using the conductive dough to create working electric machines, so it comes with a smart movement controller, along with a working motor, cable, straws, and three dough cutters. 

So, how does it work? To help teach these concepts, Tech Will Save Us has a free app, in which you can find activities specific to each kit, Electro Machines included, in the line. The app is called DoughUniverse. Once you've downloaded the app, enter it to cycle through various activities. What makes it more engaging for young kids is that there is a storyline attached to the app with an evil villain, Dr. Dry Dough, who is always causing trouble. For example, in the Electro Machines activity, Dr. Dry Dough is trying to thwart your plans to build  outer space fairgrounds. Kids can help defeat him by building different machines with their Electro Dough. Once kids cycle through the first few activities in helping to defeat Dr. Dry Dough, they are brought to an assortment of more open-ended activities. For these, the activities are less step-by-step, and instead simply provide visuals on the screen to help kids understand what part goes where to make things work. At this point, having completed all the previous activities, kids should have a fairly strong grasp of the different components and their functions, but if at any point you need a refresher, simply revisit a step-by-step activity as a refresher. 

Is It Fun?

This is a fun hands-on maker kit that helps teach some important and relevant STEM concepts.  We like the little storyline that kids can follow along to help gain a better understanding of the different components in the kit and how they work. The storyline we think is especially helpful for that sweet spot age of preschoolers, providing them with characters and a story to re-enforce the science and mechanics behind the activities. 

Who It’s For

The Tech Will Save Us Electro Machines kit is for ages 4 and up. It will appeal to kids that like compound play and construction as well as parents looking for a fun and hands-on way to teach these early STEM concepts.

What To Be Aware Of

Batteries are included to operate the included smart movement controller. You will need a screwdriver in order to replace batteries. 

Additional Tech Will Save Us Electro dough kits are also available and they are sold separately, including the Electro Dough Starter Kit

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