Gesturebotics Aura Telekinetic Drone With Glove Controller Review (Kidz Delight)

Gesturebotics Aura Telekinetic Drone With Glove Controller
What It Is

Now you only need one hand to control this high flying stunt drone. With Aura, you are the controller, with their GestureBotics glove controller. You can make this drone fly forward and backward, left and right, change altitude and even perform tricks like a sideways flip, all with a simple wave of the hand. This drone performs with just the flick of your wrist, once it is connected to the glove controller. Also, it has auto takeoff and auto landing features for beginners. 

This drone comes with an Aura Glove + Controller, an Aura Drone with a safety frame, long-lasting rechargeable batteries and spare propellers. The drone also comes with a USB charging cable and a very helpful and easy to read user's manual.

Is It Fun?

We found this drone to be easier to fly then most, but there is still a learning curve with this. That being said, the LED lights on this drone are nice because they show that the drone is connected to its controller. Plus, the troubleshooting guide is well written and easy to read. Also, auto takeoff (takes off with the push of a button), auto hover (maintains a steady height) and auto landing helps navigate this drone's learning curve. 

Who It’s For

The Aura Drone is recommended for ages 6 Years and Up. We also recommend this drone for anyone who loves drones (beginner to advance) as well as tech and video game play enthusiasts. This toy is great for those who love speed, challenges and adventures. 

What To Be Aware Of

This drone is designed for indoor use only in large open spaces as this drone can fly up to 8.5 feet with a range of 23 feet. Also, this drone has a 5-7 minutes flight time per charge. The glove and controller are designed for the right hand even though the makers of this drone claim it can be used for left-handed people, too. The glove is medium size so if your child's hands are small, it might be too big and vice versa. Some assembly is required for this drone, but no tools are needed.

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