Perfect Collection Pacifier Review (MAM)

Perfect Collection Pacifier
What It Is

The Mam Perfect Collection and Perfect Night Collection are pacifiers for baby with a special design that helps with oral health. These ultra-flexible nipples are thinner than the average pacifier nipple making soothing easier for baby. Dental studies have shown that a thinner and more flexible nipple can help release pressure off baby's jaw and teeth. The Mam Perfect collection nipple is a two pack and the perfect night collection is a single pacifier. These pacifiers can be attached to pacifier clips to keep them near a baby. Pacifier clips sold separately. A sterilizer box is included and can be microwaved for up to 3 minutes.

Why Is It Useful?

These pacifiers are helpful in soothing baby during bedtime or when a fussy baby needs soothing. This is also a helpful pacifier for early teething.

Who It’s For

Both the Mam Perfect Collection and Perfect Night Collection are available for ages 0-6 months and 6+ months.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional MAM pacifiers are available and sold separately.

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