The Shpielmans Deluxe Edition Review (Glatt Play)

The Shpielmans Deluxe Edition
What It Is

Meet the Shpielman's, a collection of characters designed to collect, inspire play, and foster cultural awareness. The Shpielmans Family Pack from Glatt Toyis a collection of 11 figures--an entire family--with accessories that allow children to play out and develop a deeper understanding of Jewish family traditions. 

The figures are beautifully crafted with excellent detail and decoration, and include three generations of family members as well as all the accessories that are part of the Shabbos/Shabbat celebrations. While we were impressed by the quality of these figures, we also liked the way the play with these can evolve so children can understand and reinforce through play important cultural traditions. Certainly for people raised or raising kids in the Christian tradition, there have been figure collections to help children play out and internalize elements of their faith. But we haven't seen sets for Judaism. It's natural that kids will express in their play the different traditions of their faiths as they build their own cultural connections and understanding. 

For the youngest children engaged in co-play with a parent, these figures can also help reinforce practices and understanding of relationships within the family. In addition to the family figures the set includes detailed accessories including Shabbos candles, challah bread (and why it's covered so as not to "shame" it by drinking the kiddush cup first or why we have two loaves of challah because twice the manna fell on Friday to be gathered to be used on the sabbath) , wine bottles a Kiddush cup and more. 

Over and above the positive play opportunities, the figures and accessories are great for collecting for older kids and families, too. 

Is It Fun?
Kids are always fascinated about learning about their faith traditions, and having an opportunity to act them out in play. This set is beautifully made with removable hats and other accessories, and families can use it as a springboard to tell the stories of their faith and how it evolved. 

As noted, they're also attractive and appropriate for display. 

Who It’s For
Glatt Play recommends this for ages 6 years and up. 

It will likely most appeal to Jewish families who want to use these to educate and reinforce traditions. 

What To Be Aware Of
The sets are available at the Glatt Play website and at

There are some small pieces, so the sets should be kept away from children under 3.

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