Catch And Learn Review (PlaSmart)

Catch And Learn
What It Is

Catch and Learn, from PlaSmart, is an educational game for ages 4+. Catch and Learn comes with a retractable magnetic fishing tool, 10 magnetic fish, and a dry-erase marker. There are no specific rules on how to play Catch and Learn, rather it's an open-ended way to add some fun to learning. Use the marker to write whatever you want on the fish, place them on the ground, and use the retractable tool to pick up choice fish. For example, write numbers on the fish and challenge children to complete math problems. A fish with a 2 and a fish with a 3 add up to a fish with a 5. The fish-and-worm's magnet is used to pick up the correct fish. Write letters on the fish and teach kids to spell. Write food names and ask them to pick out the fruits. The possibilities are endless. Catch and Learn is a fun, easy way to educate children. Kids will enjoy using the magnetic tool and won't even know they learning. So grab some bait and your fishing rod, because this school of fish is now in session!

Is It Fun?
Yes, children will be enjoy the magnetic fishing tool and have fun while learning.  
Who It’s For
Little fisherman, who are ready to learn, ages 4+
What To Be Aware Of
Practice care when using the fish magnet.  Rough pulling can rip the string.  
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