Pow! Review (Gigamic)

What It Is

Pow!, from Gigamic, is a tile and dice game for 2 to 5 players, ages 8+. The game comes with 5 dice, and 24 super-cool tiles. I love games with a fun concept, and Pow! does not disappoint. Players are comic book writers and need to collect both super heroes, and super villains for their creation. Start the game by shuffling and lining up the tiles, left to right on your game playing surface, face-up. One row for heroes, one row for villains. Then take turns rolling the dice. Blue shields allow you to take a hero, and orange skulls gets you some villains. Speech bubbles give you permission to steal another player's tiles. You are allowed up to 3 rolls per turn, and can bank dice, yahtzee-style. The hero or villain tile is determined by how many shields or skulls rolled. So for example, if you rolled 2 shields, take the hero, two from the left. As you collect tiles, stack them face-up in a pile. To steal tiles, you must roll at least three speech bubbles. 4 or 5 speech bubbles allow you to take any tile from the pile, without looking through them. Once all tiles are claimed, it's time to count your points. All good comic book stories have a nice balance of heroes and villains, so if you have more hero tiles, remove the extra ones from the top of the pile, until the piles are even. Do not do this if you have extra villain tiles. Then, count your points - positive points for heroes and negative points for villains. The player with the most points wins. You can end the game there, or keep score and play multiple rounds. Pow! is easy to learn and quick to play. I love any game you can play minutes after opening the box. The game play is fun, the concept is cool, and I love the whimsical hero and villain illustrations. The characters are not named, so this can be an added fun element to the game as you play.

Is It Fun?

Yes. Great, straight-forward gameplay with lots of fun artwork.  

Who It’s For

Game lover, comic book writers, heroes and villains ages 8+

What To Be Aware Of
Winning the game will not give you super powers.
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