Master Plan Architectural Model Building Design Tool Review (Arckit)

Master Plan Architectural Model Building Design Tool
What It Is

Imagine it. Build it. Design your own city with the ARCKIT MASTERPLAN building set. This 390 piece snap together advanced building kit is for budding city designers as well as student and professional architects. Each component is molded to scale and can be universally assembled into structures and cities of all shapes and sizes. This STEM building kit features extra components to create complex urban landscapes and high-rise buildings. You can even add realistic facades inspired by modern structures using the supplied graphics. There are printed ARCKITEXTURE graphics such as sticker windows and roadways as well as paper graphics such as pools and baseball diamonds. So besides an architectural vision, this set requires creativity and imagination. Though this set is primarily designed for the advanced architecturally inclined, anyone can begin snapping together their own unique vision of a smart city using this Masterplan model kit. 

Is It Fun?
This is an advanced building tool that promotes self expression and design. There are directions but ARCKIT wants you to create your own vision as the great designers of the past created without instructions. The freedom to think outside the box is a plus with this kit. STEM toys often challenge their users, and this one is no exception. 
Who It’s For

For ages 14 and up, this STEM building kit is an atypical building set. It is more suited as an educational tool or for professional use. Builders with the patience to sit and create will enjoy this set that encourages the use of imagination when designing a model city.

What To Be Aware Of

This set is an advanced building tool, primarily aimed at the architecturally inclined. Created for ages 14 years and up, this STEM toy is not for every brick building kit enthusiast. The supplied graphics (sticker windows and roadways as well as paper graphics such as pools and baseball diamonds) are not pre cut, so it's up to the builder to supply scissors and do so. You can build what you want, or create the design that is in the instruction book, but be warned the directions are not clear and that is on purpose as ARCKIT states, "the great architects of the past didn't have instructions and neither do you". Our staff put it what they thought was "together" in about an hour and a half.

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    Medium Difficulty