Poopeez Toilet Paper Rolls Blind Bags Review (Basic Fun!)

Poopeez Toilet Paper Rolls Blind Bags
What It Is

Who will you unroll in the Poopeez Toilet Paper Rolls? This blind bag-style packaging is a clever way to reveal the poop-themed characters hidden inside. Each one comes with two hidden Poopeez. There are 36 characters to collect, but you won't know which ones you're getting until you unroll the paper and open up the hidden chambers. Will it be Frostpee, Turdle, or maybe Dutch Oveness? A collector's guide is included. Each squishy character can also be used as a pencil topper.

These characters are all based on the Poopeez web series, which follows the adventures of six hero characters in Kerplopolis.

Is It Fun?

Kids who like watching the web series will have fun collecting favorite characters in this mini, squishy format. The toilet paper roll packaging is really clever and can also be used as a fun way to store a collection or be incorporated back into the play. The poop theme of these characters will also appeal to any kid who thinks that potty humor is the best kind of humor.

Who It’s For

Each Poopeez Toilet Paper Roll is for ages 4 and up. These will be fun for kids who enjoy watching the Poopeez web series and for kids who think that potty humor is funny.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Poopeez toys include a Toilet Launcher and a Porta Potty Multi Pack. Each is sold separately.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Collectability