Copy Coco Review (Kidz Delight)

Copy Coco
What It Is

Copy Coco, from KD games, is for 1-4 players, ages 4+. The game requires 3 AA batteries, and games typically take 15-30 minutes to play. Copy Coco comes with 27 cards, instructions and Coco, the talkative parrot. This game is all about imitating animal sounds. Spread out all cards, animal-side up. Press the button with Coco's face on it. Coco will prompt you to imitate an animal sound. If you see the green light and are congratulated by Coco, find that animal card and it is yours. If Coco is not satisfied, you will see the red light and will be asked to try again. The game is over when you are out of cards, and the player with the most cards wins. There are two alternate gameplay modes as well. On the back of the cards you will find actions and points: pinching your nose, sticking out your tongue, and placing fingers in your mouth. When prompted to make an animal sound, you will need to do that while also performing that action. If you are successful, you will earn that amount of points. Finally, during the speed mode, Coco will make multiple animal sounds and you need to find those cards before your opponents. If at any point during a game, you can ask Coco to repeat himself by pushing the third button. Children love making animal sounds, and Copy Coco is a fun way to enhance that experience. Worried about playing? Don't be sheepish, because that would be baaaaad. 

Is It Fun?
Yes, children will enjoy playing long with Coco and making animal sounds.  
Who It’s For
Game players and animal-sound lovers, ages 4+
What To Be Aware Of

The game requires 3 AA batteries, not included. 

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 AA batteries required