Solar Print Kit Review (Toysmith)

Solar Print Kit
What It Is

Make an artistic masterpiece with the help and use of the sun. Solar Print Kit by Toysmith has everything you need to get started to make one of a kind artwork. This kit comes with 12 sheets of solar print paper, 2 pre-printed stencils sheets, 2 frames, 3 note cards and envelopes to share your artwork as well as a simple, but helpful instruction sheet. To get started cut out images from the stencil sheet provided or use found objects. Find a dark shady place (darker the better) to open the black bag of solar print paper. Pull out a sheet and quickly close the bag so that the remaining sheets aren't exposed. Keep in mind that once the paper is out of the bag it is being exposed so try to move fast. With the blue side up place your objects on the paper and place your paper in the frame. Take the paper and place that in the sun for 1 to 3 minutes depending on the directness of the sun. Once the paper has almost turned white, quickly rinse the paper under water for about a minute to stop the chemical reaction and exposure, then you can set the paper to dry. As it dries the paper will become blue again, leaving you with a really cool print. 

Is It Fun?

Overall, this kit is simple and fun to use as well as educational. It also helps make one of a kind keepsakes and memories. It is certainly fun for artistic and creative minds. 

Who It’s For

This kit is recommended for ages 5 and up. We also recommend this kit for kids who love active play and science as well as arts and crafts. We think it is ideal for creative minds.

What To Be Aware Of

We suggest having an adult on hand to help make sure the instructions are followed and that the black bag of solar print paper doesn't come in contact with the sun until it is the right time. Also, a good source of water is required as well as sunlight. We recommend direct sunlight for the best results, however, the paper will still work if sunlight is not direct, but it does take more time for the paper to develop. Plus, having scissors on hand and found objects can add to the creativity of your work.

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