Hold That Face Review (Hasbro)

Hold That Face
What It Is

Hold that Face, from Hasbro Gaming, is an adult party game for 4 to 8 players. The game comes with 200 cards, and a mirror. The object of the game is to correctly guess the emotion or situation of your teammate, based on the facial expression he or she is making. To play, split into two teams and shuffle the four decks: Happy, Sad, Mad, and Scared. Team one picks the player to make the first facial expression. Team two chooses one of the decks, and draws the top 4 cards. From those 4 cards, team 2 picks one of them, and hands it to the team 1 player ready to make a face, without any of his or her teammates seeing. The player reads the card and passes it back to team 2. The player then makes a face for the rest of the team. Keep in mind that you cannot make any sounds or movements. Feel free to use the mirror to prepare for face-making. The rest of team 1 looks at all four cards and gets one guess at to which card represents that facial expression. If the team guesses right, keep that card. If not, team 2 keeps the card and then it's their turn to play. Gameplay continues until all players have made a face, and cards are counted to see who won. The cards cover a lot of emotions and situations and bring a lot of fun to the game. For example, a Happy card states "You just found a twenty-dollar bill in your pocket" while a sad card delivers the terrible news that "you just dropped your taco facedown." The toughest part of Hold that Face is keeping a straight face while playing - because this game is silly and a lot of fun. It's an adult party game, so I recommend partying like an adult while playing.

Is It Fun?
Yes. The game is silly and you and your friends will have plenty of laughs making faces and guessing.
Who It’s For
Adult party gamers and face-makers, ages 14+
What To Be Aware Of
This game is exclusively available through Hasbro Gaming Crate.  
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