Shimmer and Shine Genie Beach Dolls Review (Fisher-Price)

Shimmer and Shine Genie Beach Dolls
What It Is

Shimmer and Shine are ready for fun in the sun with the Shimmer and Shine Genie Beach dolls. Each six-inch doll wears a beach-ready outfit and includes a temporary tattoo for kids to wear.

There are three Genie Beach dolls, and each one is sold separately. Shine wears a teal bathing suit that is not removable with matching fabric skirt. She completes the look with golden bracelets and sparkly purple sandals. Her blue ponytail can be combed and styled with the sparkly pink seashell comb.

Shimmer wears a non-removable purple-and-pink bathing suit with purple fabric skirt, golden bracelets, and sparkly pink sandals. Her pink ponytail can be combed and styled with a green seashell comb. 

And Leah wears a non-removable pink bathing suit with fabric teal skirt, purple genie bottle necklace, and pink sandals. Her blonde ponytail can be styled and combed with the sparkly purple seashell comb.

The temporary tattoos can be adhered to skin with water and removed with baby oil.

Is It Fun?

Fans of Shimmer and Shine will like collecting their favorite genies-in-training in these cute summer-ready outfits. And kids can also get in on the beach theme with the temporary tattoos that feature glittery images of starfish and seashells. Whether taking these dolls for pretend play on an actual beach trip or just imagining a day at the beach at home, kids will have fun coming up with all sorts of creative stories for Shimmer, Shine, and Leah.

Who It’s For

Genie Beach Shimmer, Shine, and Leah dolls are for ages 3 and up. These dolls will be fun for fans of Shimmer and Shine to play with and recreate favorite stories from the TV show.

What To Be Aware Of

Genie Beach Shine, Shimmer, and Leah dolls are each sold separately.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy