Dr. Microbe Review (Blue Orange Games)

Dr. Microbe
What It Is

Dr. Microbe, from Blue Orange Games, is for 2-to-4 players and games typically take 15 minutes to play. The game comes with 49 microbes, 54 research cards, 4 tweezers, 5 petri dishes, and instructions. Players are scientists, assisting Dr. Microbe in her research. Yes, Dr. Microbe is a female, and that's the first thing I like about this game. Each scientist gets a small sectioned petri dish and tweezers. The larger petri dish sits in the middle, full of all those fun, colorful, dangerous microbes. Turn over a research card and start working! Players must first correctly match the microbes on the research card by finding them in the shared petri dish, and placing them into their own dish. Once this is completed, you must then identify the super bug. The super bug must be a different shape and color than any other microbe. Sometimes there are missing microbes and these must also be found. Microbes must be a different shape than any other microbes. Once your petri dish is filled, shout "Eureka!" to win the round. If correct, keep that research card and play until a scientist has won 5 rounds. There are also variations that include a purple virus, and ways to sabotage the other players. Dr. Microbe is recommended for ages 8+, but despite the theme of the game, I think the gameplay skews slightly younger. Otherwise, I love the original concept and unique game pieces. The game is fun, and who knows, maybe Dr. Microbe will inspire children to become scientists too.

Is It Fun?
Yes, children will enjoy searching for the microbes and figuring out the missing pieces.
Who It’s For
The manufacturer suggests ages 8+, but we think it might be better suited for slightly younger kids.  
What To Be Aware Of
Older kids (over 8 years of age) may not find this game challenging.  
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