Shimmer and Shine Shimmer Doll Review (Fisher-Price)

Shimmer and Shine Shimmer Doll
What It Is

The 6-inch Shimmer and Shine Shimmer doll from Fisher-Price is a posable doll for imaginative play. Additional Shimmer and Shine dolls are available in the line including Shimmer's twin genie sister Shine, their best friend Leah, and their mentor, Princess Samira. Inspired by the popular characters seen on the Nick Jr. preschool series, each doll is dressed in her signature outfit from the show. They feature cool character details like the genies' sparkly gems, and Leah's genie necklace. Each doll has satin-like hair, and comes with a hairbrush or comb for styling. Princess Samira's comb is shaped like her pet peacock, Roya, while Shimmer's is shaped like Tala, and Shine's Nahal. Leah's hairbrush is shaped like a genie bottle. A sticker sheet filled with gems is also included with each doll. These are fun for Shimmer and Shine fans to use as part of imaginative play. The dolls are posable, which is great for recreating favorite scenes from the show, or coming up with all new adventures and granting wishes. Each is sold separately. 

Is It Fun?

Shimmer, and the other cute dolls in the line are adorable replicas of their on-screen counterparts. Shimmer and Shine is a popular preschool series, and the dolls allow fans to play out scenes at home or use their imaginations to create their own storylines. They'll love making, and granting wishes. Their long hair, included hairbrushes, and removable clothes offer both hair and fashion play as well. Each posable doll is fun on its own but it would be even more fun to collect them all for more role play options. 

Who It’s For

The Shimmer and Shine posable dolls are for fans of the Nick Jr. preschool series ages 3 years old and up to use for imaginative play. 

What To Be Aware Of

There are a number of dolls available in the Shimmer and Shine line from Fisher-Price. Each is sold separately, and comes with a hairbrush or comb, and a sticker sheet. They stickers work best on paper, not on the dolls themselves.

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