Craft-tastic The Inspire Poster Kit Review (Ann Williams Group)

Craft-tastic The Inspire Poster Kit
What It Is

Create an inspiring poster for your bedroom or playroom with the Craft-tastic The Inspire Poster Kit. This comes with everything kids need to create a freeform poster filled with inspiring quotes and icons that they can customize and hang from their wall. Scissors and a pencil or pen will also be required.

This poster can pretty much be designed however kids want to design it. The instructions offer suggestions of things kids can do and the basics of how to assemble the boxes of the poster and adhere some of the pieces, but kids get to choose which quotes and decorative elements they want to use and in what arrangement they want to put it all together. 

Some of the quotes include "Kind heart, fierce mind, brave spirit", "Dream big", and "Collect moments, not things". There's glitter, thread, pom poms, smiley faces, hearts, and other fun shapes that kids can use to decorate the interior and exterior of the poster's boxes. And when kids have everything the way they want it, they use tape to stick the boxes together in their preferred arrangement.

Is It Fun?

This is a creative craft project that will result in unique and inspirational room decor that kids will like hanging on their wall. It may take awhile to create, but putting it all together is part of the fun, and we like that there is a customization aspect to it and that kids aren't just making a mirror image of what they see on the package.

Who It’s For

Craft-tastic The Inspire Poster Kit is for crafty kids ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit includes 40 pieces of cardstock, 83 acrylic pom poms, eight pieces of glitter cardstock, a roll of tape, a piece of adhesive, six pieces of foam, two yards of thread, a plastic vial, a cork, and instructions.

The double-sided tape wasn't always the best at sticking the boxes together, so you might want to have a stronger adhesive at the ready just in case.

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