Waterbabies Giggly Wiggly Review (Just Play)

Waterbabies Giggly Wiggly
What It Is

There's a new look for the Waterbabies Giggly Wiggly doll, but it still has all the same fun features you've come to know and love. Available in Caucasian and African-American versions, each sold separately, there are also two outfit styles to choose from: a green jumper with a magenta tie-dyed bottom and magenta headband or a pink jumper with a purple tie-dyed bottom and purple headband. Each outfit style is sold separately.

Use the included funnel to fill the doll with warm water through the opening on the back of the doll. (Parents will need to help with this step.) Once the doll is filled with water, close up the opening on its back, and you're ready to play. Squeeze the doll to hear a squeaky giggling noise. Or place the pacifier in the doll's mouth and give the doll a squeeze to make it look like the doll is sucking on the pacifier. There is a ribbon strip on the doll's outfit that you can attach the pacifier to so you always have it close at hand. The doll will also drink from its bottle when you place the bottle in its mouth and give the doll a squeeze. 

The plug on the doll's back has an inner valve to prevent leaking while you play. You also don't have to worry about the water turning moldy inside the doll because the doll has been treated with a safe antibacterial agent. 

Is It Fun?

This doll will be fun for little kids who like playing with baby dolls and who want to engage in some nurturing mommy and daddy roleplay. The water-weighted feature gives the doll a more realistic feel as compared to other baby dolls, and kids will like the features of the pacifier and bottle that help bring the doll to life. The giggling sound isn't too realistic, but to a little kid it's going to sound pretty much like a baby giggling or cooing.

Who It’s For

Waterbabies Giggly Wiggly is for ages 3 and up. Little kids who like playing with baby dolls will enjoy the water-weighted feel of this doll as well as the giggling and bottle- and pacifier-sucking features.

What To Be Aware Of

Waterbabies Giggly Wiggly is available in Caucasian and African-American versions. Each is sold separately.

Adults should fill the doll with water. Only use lukewarm water because using hot water could result in damage to the doll or burns.

The Waterbabies doll has been treated with a safe antibacterial agent, but it is still recommended that you change the water once a week.

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