Star Wars Toybox Kylo Ren Review (shopDisney)

Star Wars Toybox Kylo Ren
What It Is

Disney Infinity may have closed last year, leaving all of the toys-to-life stranded in the game's in-world toybox, but Disney has found a new hope for these anime-inspired toys-to-life figures, and you can find them exclusively at Disney Stores.

Reimagining Disney Infinity figures in a 5-inch scale, the first wave includes Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel characters. To help differentiate them from Disney Infinity while capturing an oversized version of the original design aesthetic, Disney has added 14 points of articulation in each toy, allowing you to easily pose them. Each figure comes with an accessory that can be used by any figure in the line, so you can pretend Kylo Ren won the Force battle for Luke Skywalker's lightsaber on Starkiller base.

Kylo Ren has his lightsaber and one hand is in a menacing Force push pose.

Each figure in the line is numbered, so you'll be able to keep track as new figures are released.

Is It Fun?

While there are many other Star Wars figures you can buy, the anime-inspired design gives them a unique look that's ultimately fun.

Who It’s For

As a continuation of Disney Infinity, this line is clearly targeted at kids, but due to the the unique design and 14 points of articulation, this line will be sought after by collectors. Great for both kids and collectors. And, age graded for 3 years and up and, these figures are easy to pose and are pretty chunky, which makes theme easy for little hands to pose and are still great for adults who collected Disney Infinity figures.

What To Be Aware Of

Each figure in the line is sold separately, so you'll have to spend a good amount of money if you want them all. Thankfully, since Disney separated the Star Wars, Marvel and Toy Story into their own brands under the Toybox banner, it's easy to focus on one brand without having to break the bank.

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