3Doodler Start Powerpuff Yourself Pen Set Review (3Doodler)

3Doodler Start Powerpuff Yourself Pen Set
What It Is

Give your little one an introduction to 3D printing with Powerpuff characters in 3D using 3Doodler's Start Powerpuff Yourself Pen Set. With its one speed, low temperatures and BPA-free non-toxic plastic this pen is the only child-safe 3D pen that allows kids to literally draw in the air and make one of a kind creations. 

This 3D printing pen kit comes with a special edition 3Doodler Powerpuff Girls 3D Printing Pen, 4 packs of 3Doodler Start Plastic in 12 colors (that's 96 strands), a special oval DoodleMold to easily create perfect head and eyes every time as well as four unique DoodleBlocks to make clothing and accessories. The kit also comes with a Powerpuff Yourself Activity Guide and Micro USB Cable for charging.

Is It Fun?

We found this pen highly addictive, easy to get started and safe to use. Unlike glue, the plastic in this kit doesn't burn your hands. It's more like warm wax that can be molded and eventually hardens. That being said this toy is highly addictive and the instruction guides are extremely easy to use.

Who It’s For

This pen is recommended for ages 8 and up. We found this kit to be a great way to introduce kids to 3D printing. The kit and overall process of 3D printing can be tedious, but also teach patience and delayed reward. We do not recommend this kit for kids who are impatient. However, if your child can get past the initial lack of instant gratification, they will likely come to love the results and creativity that this kit can bring. This tactile toy is great for those who love creativity, design, planning, building as well as science, tech, art, crafts and attention to detail.

What To Be Aware Of

Though the pen or its plastic is never too hot, there isn't a quick way to change the color. Yes, a strand can be reversed to be changed, but only if it hasn't sufficiently been used. The tip of the pen can get messy especially when trying to change colors. Also, this pen uses a lot of plastic, typically several strands for one creation. So the 96 strands that this kit comes with will go fast and this pen can be slightly noisy.

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