#StikBot Action Pack Role Play Accessory Review (Zing)

#StikBot Action Pack Role Play Accessory
What It Is

StikBots, the posable figurines that help kids to create awesome photographs and stop-motion animation using an app on your phone, now have props to make your movies even more amazing. Whether you're looking to turn your StikBot into a rock star or cast a cop in your film, these accessory packs allow for more creative storytelling. These accessory sets come in four different varieties: Hair Styles, Life Styles, Helmet Pack and Weapon Pack. 

Is It Fun?

Overall, StikBots are a great concept. The idea of using stick figure toys along with a smartphone app as a way to introduce kids to stop-motion animation sounds fun, but the execution and play is not always easy. The StikBots typically have problems standing on their own as well as posing. So, when these accessories are used with the bots they can have even more problems balancing. For instance, it's hard for a StikBot to hold the battle ax accessory without falling over. Also, some of the hair accessories tend to come loose and can fall off. The good news is that the helmet accessories adhere to the bots the best.

Who It’s For

The bots and their accessories are recommended for ages 4 and up, but we also recommend them for children who enjoy the arts, animation, media and doll play. They are a great way to introduce kids to stop-motion animation, but patience is required because the bots themselves are not always easy talent to work with, i.e. they have trouble posing and balancing on their own. 

What To Be Aware Of

Each pack comes with its own StikBot and several accessories, however, they do not include extra bots or a smartphone tripod. Also, it's tricky at first to learn how to have the bots hold the accessories because there are no instructions, except for a few photos on the box. The bots use these hand clips to hold accessories and it is nice that they give you extra hand clips just in case you lose them.

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    Medium Difficulty