Atomic Power Popper 12X Review (Hog Wild)

Atomic Power Popper 12X
What It Is

Get ready for a powerful battle with the Atomic Power Popper 12X. It holds 12 soft foam ammo balls and can launch them one at a time up to 20 feet. Load the balls into the open end of the barrel, and pump the handle back and forth to launch the balls. The faster you pump, the faster they blast. Twelve balls are included.

Is It Fun?

If you're looking for a blaster that is easy to use and has a good performance, then this one will do just fine. It holds all 12 pieces of ammo, it's easy to hold and pump, and you get good distance. Whether you're using this for target practice or an action-packed blaster battle, this will be a good thing to have in your blaster arsenal.

Who It’s For

The Atomic Power Popper 12X is for ages 4 and up. This will be a fun blaster for any kid or adult who likes playing with blasters.

What To Be Aware Of

We did have some trouble getting the last two ammo balls fired out of the blaster. We had to tilt the blaster down a bit to get the balls to roll forward.

Do not shoot the ammo at people's faces or eyes.

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