Hess Dump Truck and Loader Review (Hess)

Hess Dump Truck and Loader
What It Is

It wouldn't be a holiday season without a Hess truck under the Christmas tree. The Hess Dump Truck and Loader is the 2017 toy Hess truck and the first-ever Hess toy dump truck. And it's kind of like getting two toys in one because in the bed of the dump truck there's a toy loader vehicle.

The dump truck has two light modes, a steady light mode or a flashing light mode. The five buttons on top of the truck work in both modes and will play back-up sounds, dump release and hydraulic lift sounds, horn sounds, and engine start sounds. If the lights are in steady light mode, pressing the lights flash button will make the lights flash.

When you press the dump release button, it will activate the hydraulic lift feature, raising the bed of the truck for dumping action. Manually pull out the hidden ramp from the back of the bed.

The loader also has motorized features. Push the switch forward or backward to make its tracks roll forward or backward, and push the other switch forward to turn on the lights. You can also manually lift, extend, or retract the loader arm, as well as rotate the bucket.

Is It Fun?

With lights, sounds, and movement, there is a lot of play value in this toy vehicle set. Kids who like playing with toy trucks will have fun driving these around and creating all sorts of construction play scenes with them. And because they are Hess toy trucks, they are going to be a great collector's item for those who participate in the tradition of collecting the holiday Hess trucks.

Who It’s For

The Hess Dump Truck and Loader is for ages 3 and up. This will be a fun toy for kids who like playing with toy trucks, and for any kid or adult who has a Hess collection.

What To Be Aware Of

The Hess Dump Truck and Loader comes with five AA batteries. 

This is sold exclusively at www.hesstoytruck.com.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    5 AA batteries required