Mic Guy Wireless Microphone & Bluetooth Speaker Review (The Singing Machine Company)

Mic Guy Wireless Microphone & Bluetooth Speaker
What It Is

Don't just listen to your favorite music. Sing along with new kids sing-along products from The Singing Machine Company. Featuring the company's Mic Guy microphone character, the Mic Guy Wireless Microphone & Bluetooth Speaker is both of those things in one. 

It looks like a microphone with a handle that is easy for little kids to hold so they can hold it and sing into it. There are buttons to control the volume and echo feature.

Plus, you can pair the microphone with an audio device via Bluetooth, and then play your favorite music through the Mic Guy. The microphone still functions as a real microphone, so you can sing along to the music. 

And in both modes, the Mic Guy lights up. You can choose to have the lights change color in time with the music and singing, just change lights continuously, or have no lights at all.

Is It Fun?

Kids will have a lot of fun rocking out with this toy. They'll like listening to their favorite songs through the speaker and using it as a microphone to sing along or stage their own concerts. We like the classic microphone design and the neutral colors, so that you could keep it out on your child's bedroom nightstand or even in your living room for easy access to the creative music play, and we're sure it will inspire a lot of that. The sound quality is so good that even parents might find themselves using it as their own Bluetooth speaker.

Who It’s For

The Mic Guy Wireless Microphone & Bluetooth Speaker is for ages 4 and up, and will be a fun way to engage kids in creative music play.

What To Be Aware Of

This includes a USB cable for charging the rechargeable lithium ion battery.

It has a working Bluetooth distance of 10 meters or about 32 feet.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy