Explorer Box Review (Get Qurious)

Explorer Box
What It Is

Merge physical play and digital play with the Get Qurious Explorer Box. This incorporates physical elements from the box, including 16 double-sided cards, four role-playing masks, and two double-sided treasure hunt mats, with a free augmented reality app to enhance the four space-themed activities. 

The first activity is Build A Story. Scan story cards to fill in the story's blanks, and then press the play button to see and hear the story unfold.

The second activity is Mask Play. Put on one of the masks and use the app to record yourself speaking in a silly-sounding voice.

With the Build a Spaceship activity, kids can build a digital spaceship by scanning in spaceship part cards, and then flying the spaceship through asteroids.

And then go on a Treasure Hunt by coloring in one of the play mats, then scanning it into the app to see it appear in 3-D. Can you tap around the landscape to find all the alien treasures?

Is It Fun?

For kids who are already familiar playing on mom or dad's tablet or phone, this offers an age-appropriate screentime activity where there is an element of screen-less play, such as coloring the treasure hunt mat. And in some instances, you could even do away with the screen altogether and just let kids run around and roleplay with the masks or make their own pictures and tell their own stories with the story cards. But young kids will like the interaction between the physical elements and the app, and seeing the things that they've created or chosen appear on the screen.

Who It’s For

The Get Qurious Explorer Box is for ages 4 to 8. It will be fun for imaginative kids, especially little kids who are interested in space.

What To Be Aware Of

The app is iOS-compatible only, and it requires iOS version 10 or above. It is not compatible with iPad 4.

A parent will need to cut out the masks and tie on the elastic bands.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy