Grab n' Go Pet Dinette & Leash Review (SitStayGo)

Grab n' Go Pet Dinette & Leash
What It Is
The Pet Dinette can be used as a food and water carrier for dogs and cats.  It can also be transformed with a 5 foot leash attachment so the Pet Dinette actually becomes part of a dog leash since it has a rubber padded handle. The Pet Dinette is made from food-grade plastic and is dishwasher safe. 
Why Is It Useful?
This is a great accessory to have for long walks, hikes or even trips in the car.  You could also bring this along if you are visiting another home with your furry friend.
Who It’s For
The Pet Dinette from SitStayGo is perfect for active pet parents who like to take their dogs and cats on adventures with them.  We think this is probably better for small to medium dogs because of the volume you can carry at one time.  It's fine for cats.  We do not think this would be efficient for large dogs.
What To Be Aware Of

The Pet Dinette has a leash attachment which can be removed.  The handle is reinforced with stainless steel, rust-proof screws and a leash anchor. The Pet Dinette is made from food-grade plastic.

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