Loaded Lemons Review (Entertoyment)

Loaded Lemons
What It Is

Loaded Lemons, from Entertoyment, is a 4 player game for ages 6+. The game comes with 4 lemons, 13 chips, a sticker sheet and an electronic sound timer. The timer requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. You'll need to apply the stickers to the chips and might need a tool, like a flat-head screwdriver, to open the lemons. Fill all four lemons with water, and prepare to get soaked. Or maybe, you won't get soaked. Each player chooses a lemon and an animal sound. The four animal sounds are elephant, dog, horse and rooster. Two of the lemons squirt water. Each player should demonstrate whether their lemon is a squirter or not. Hit the timer, listen for the trumpets, and then every time you hear your animal sound, swap the position of any two lemons. The animal sounds are not the most convincing, but different enough from one another that you should be able to recognize yours. While the game plays, make sure to pay attention to where each lemon winds up. Once you hear the final siren, stop swapping and start betting. It's like 3-card monte, but with four lemons. Do you think the lemon in front of you squirts? Place a yes or no chip. If you believe it's "yes," squirt an opponent. If you think it's "no," squirt yourself. If you are correct you get a lemon chip and the first player to earn three chips, wins. Loaded Lemons seems like a good outdoor game for a warm summer day. Otherwise, you'll just get wet. The game is cute, and you will have some laughs, but I'm not sure how much repeat play you'll get out of it. In my opinion, if you want to soak your friends and family, put the game down and have an old fashioned water fight.

Is It Fun?
Yes, the squirting will get you laughing, but the gameplay itself is not that creative or engaging. 
Who It’s For
Game players and lemon squeezers, ages 6+
What To Be Aware Of

The game requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. Also, you probably will get wet!

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    2 AAA batteries required