Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Review (Mindkoo)

Wireless Cat Ear Headphones
What It Is

These are the MindKoo Wireless Cat Ear Headphones with Bluetooth from MindKoo. These take the trend of wearing cat ear headbands to the next level while also switching up the standard look of a classic pair of over-the-ear headphones. In terms of pure looks, these headphones accessorize the standard cushioned band with two cat ears and feature foldable, twistable ear muffs. But aside from the look is their performance, and wearing these headphones is a show in and of itself. 

To use, you'll first need to charge them up with the included USB cable. After that, the charge will last for at least five hours. To sync up your device simply turn on the headphones and go to the Bluetooth settings of your computer, smartphone, or tablet to sync and connect. Sound can be adjusted at the base of the headphones, and when you're really ready to get the party started tap the button for lights on the left ear. You can create your own personal light show with this feature. Keep tapping the button to cycle through different variations of light displays. 

Is It Fun?
These  headphones add a bit of fashion and flare to the traditional look of over-the-ear headphones, and we like how long the battery takes you without needing to reboot.
Who It’s For

The MindKoo Wireless Cat Ear Headphones with Bluetooth from MindKoo is not age-graded, however we think this is best suited for (and will appeal most to) ages 13 and up because of the merging of fashion and tech.

What To Be Aware Of
If you chose to always use the light-up feature on the headphones the battery won't last as long. If you don't use the lights feature at all, or use it sparingly, battery life can last up to 8 hours without needing a boost. With the lights on, we found it lasts roughly 5 hours but sometimes less. 

Note: you must be near your Bluetooth device when in use, the headphones will disconnect if you move too far away from it.

While a cable is not included you can connect an auxiliary cable to use without Bluetooth. 

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