Hexbug Gladiators Battling Robots Stadium Review (Hexbug)

Hexbug Gladiators Battling Robots Stadium
What It Is

The Hexbugs are ready to do battle with cool customizable armor and just the spot for battle action: the Hexbug Gladiators Battling Robots Stadium. It's a neon green, three-pronged elevated stadium that comes with three Hexbugs (named Luminon, Hermitech, and Promethor) and 20 pieces of snap-on battle armor. Some of the armor just looks cool, while other pieces have moving parts, such as spinning blades or propellers. Mix and match the accessories to find out what combination yields the best results in battle. Then, turn on your Hexbugs and watch them go head-to-head to try and knock each other off the stadium. 

Is It Fun?

These vibrating bug-like robots have realistic bug movements that are fun to watch on or off the stadium. But battling them definitely adds to the play. And kids will enjoy customizing their Gladiator with different armor looks and competing against friends to see who can come up with the ultimate Hexbug Gladiator combination.

Who It’s For

The box says that the Hexbug Gladiators Battling Robots Stadium is for ages 3 to 8, but we think kids toward the older end of that age range will have the most fun decking these robots out in the armor and sending them into battles.

What To Be Aware Of

Six button cell batteries for the Hexbugs are included.

You do have to assemble the stadium, but that's easy to do.

The battles are generally not very long because the Hexbugs tend to run off the side of the arena rather quickly.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    6 cell batteries required